5 things you should do to keep optimized your computer

I have seen that so many peoples have many problems with their pc or their pc gets slow and they keep running their pc with errors and a lot other issue, But this can mess your mind. The purpose is to write this article to make your mind free of thinking about your computer problems. Because what I think your computer has to be perfect to work perfect. So lets have a look on 5 things you should do to keep optimized your computer.


We will see some of tools tips and tricks what you can apply to keep your pc optimized. Being as an IT engineer what I do to optimize my PC I will tell you some of very effective ways from them. I always believe that software matters more than hardware to have faster performance from your PC. Suppose if you have a Pentium 4 PC which is well configured and the 2nd PC you have that is I5 but not well configured so P4 will perform better than I5. So here we will see that 5 things which can make your PC performance always like fresh PC and all things are which can be done with your hand you don’t need someone’s help or third party tool which cost you money or something like that. So let’s go now to see our 5 things which will give a release to your mind from your PC issues.

1. Less software’s

Install less software as much you can. If you have to perform multi task don’t install separate software for each task try to install a software which can perform multi task for you, For example media players for multimedia, office software’s for documentations, antivirus, cleaners, USB scanner etc. Best solution for the window users that for multimedia install only 1 codec pack what you like I will suggest K-Lite and 1 media player I will suggest Gom player. For pdf and other documents MS office and 1 pdf reader is enough I will suggest Foxit reader for pdf it’s a reader writer editor and with lot of options but the most impotent thing is in that it is very light weight. A very important thing in PC is a antivirus which you must have to keep in your PC for antivirus I will suggest to windows users that always use Microsoft antivirus if you are windows 7 or less user you can install Microsoft security essentials and if you are a windows 8 or higher user you don’t need to install any antivirus there is a antivirus in windows by default. You don’t need to install any additional securities like USB scanner etc if you have a good antivirus.

2. Startup programs

Always disable your unnecessary programs form startup means there are some of programs which starts up automatically when windows starts such programs makes your computer performance slow and put an amount of load on your processor and RAM which makes your pc first to start slow and then to work slow.  To disable these startup program there you have option by entering this command in Run “msconfig” or you can also disable from task manager as shown below in image.

things to keep optimized your computer

Select the program you want to disable and then hit disable button from the right down corner.


3. Manage windows up dates

Always keep disable your windows updates because as being a home user you don’t need them and it also consume your internet data, fill up your C drive space, makes your internet slow because they are keep running in background and downloading latest updates, lot of updates puts load on RAM and processor and makes PC slow.

Note: by disabling windows update doesn’t mean that you should not update your software’s always keep up to date your software’s.


4. Storage

Disk storage is a very important factor to have good performance from PC. First when you install window keep your C drive partition big in size as much you can for windows 7 and higher users it should be minimum 60GB but if you have more free space make it more large. Try to keep your C drive free don’t keep data on desktop or C drive and also keep managing your downloads don’t make too much burden. Low storage C drive makes your PC slow it effects PC performance.


5. Cleaning and optimizing

To keep pc performance maintain you should must clean your PC once in a month or when you feel PC became slow delete you cookies, cache’s and other unnecessary files to do so you can use any of cleaning software I will suggest ccleaner that is perfect tool to optimize your PC and that is free of cost.

So these are the some of ways using them you can keep your computer optimized, If you have further any question or anything else you want to know you can ask in comment.
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(“5 things you should do to keep optimized your computer”)

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