Beautiful swat and kalam

Beautiful swat and Kalam are very famous because of their natural beauty. There are a lot of fruits trees like almond tree, walnuts, and apple trees and pears, plum, cherries, and persimmon. There are very big mountains like 30 kilometer from the earth. These mountain also known as glacier of kalam the lake mahodand is coming out from these mountains. The whole year you can see glacier on those mountains and in winter specially November December and January there is snowfall season.

Mahodand lake is also very famous of trout fish, there is a big number of fishes so people love to enjoy fishing there especially in summer. There is another lake called Kandol lake that is the most beautiful lake in the swat district. The color of this lake is always change like rainbow mostly you can see this lake in two colors white and bluish color. This is also famous because of its smooth and silent flow.

There is a valley along that lake called laddo valley. This valley is in between the mountains and if you want to visit this place you cannot go by any other transport except jeep. People of that place are also very beautiful, simple, loving and also they are very famous because of their hospitality.
Miandam is also a very beautiful and peaceful valley and also very cold place. It is a beautiful place for picturing. This place is on 7000 feet height from the sea level. There are very nice and clean restaurant on a very good location which can meet people’s requirements.
Sun rising and sunset is the beautiful seen that you can never see this beauty anywhere else in the world in that place. A lot of tourist visits these cities especially in summer and camping there living there and enjoying.

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