British Separation From European Union

Brexit is a word which means that the British are going to get their country separate from European unions. And hence the European Union do not have influence on the policies of UK. The government of UK decided that British separation from European Union through referendum. That is held on 23 June 2016.

And majority of the British population voted to leave European Union. And 52% of the population to leave as compared to 48% voted to remain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron was a staunch supporter of the country to remain in EU resigned after the referendum and Teresa. May took over as the country’s new prime minister. After coming to power she announced that she will respect the people decision and “Brexit means Brexit”.

The issues and reasons of separation

The issue of Britain separating from Europeans is not that simple that it looks like. If Britain leaves EU then there are lot of legal and legislative issues need to resolve. That the British firms and companies doing business in Europe its remains to be seen which laws and policies will be followed. Whether they will enjoy the same benefits and privileges them right now due to Britain being a European Union member. UK is already facing the aftereffects of the referendum and British sterling came to 30 years low and losing AAA rating.

In order to formally leave EU Britain has to invoke an agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Which sets a maximum of two years for leaving EU. Teresa May announced that she will initiate this process by March 2017. That means that Britain will be leaving the EU no more than March 2019.

According to the latest developments, UK Supreme Court ruled that Parliament must be consulted before Article 50 is invoked.

Soft and Hard Brexit

According to experts UK can either opt for “soft” brexit or “hard” .Hard” brexit means UK refuses to compromise on free movement of people whereas “soft” brexit means free movement of EU members to UK which will get the advantage to access the single EU market.


“British Separation From European Union” By Dr. Asim Rasheed.

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