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Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Travel Guide Today i have a short Barcelona Travel Guide which will help you to discover Barcelona famous places. Barcelona, is the capital city of Spanish autonomous community Catalonia. The population of Barcelona is approximately 1.602 million according to survey of (2014).and the area code is 0093. Art and beauty It’s a very famous city because of

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Beautiful swat and kalam

Beautiful swat and kalam Beautiful swat and Kalam are very famous because of their natural beauty. There are a lot of fruits trees like almond tree, walnuts, and apple trees and pears, plum, cherries, and persimmon. There are very big mountains like 30 kilometer from the earth. These mountain also known as glacier of kalam the

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World’s Most beautiful Capital

World’s Most beautiful Capital Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful capital city surrounded with natural beauty not only the natural but it’s also a very developed city and famous for its development,beauty, attractiveness and is highly developed city and development can be seen in different angles. Islamabad

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