5 Most effective ways to earn money online

Internet has its many faces and one of the face is that this is the world of business. Peoples are earning millions and billions of dollars from internet, some of them less and some of them more it depends since how long you are working.

Working online is the investment of time, the time you will invest your this investment will bring up great output. With the time your earning will keep growing if today you are earning few dollars with a continues work you will reach in thousands and millions. Earning depends how much time you spent with your work and how consistent you are it’s all about commitment with your work.
The 5 most effective ways to earn money online I am going to tell you today all are the real time working short term and long term ways it’s up to you what you think is good for you, you can adopt and start working. The best thing is about 5 ways to earn online that there is no risk you will must get output of your work. I have included the work you can do with investment and without investment.
Let’s have a look on our 1st way to earn money online.

1. Youtube
Youtube is one of the finest way to earn money online. To earn money using youtube you need to create a youtube channel. When you upload your videos on your youtube channel you gets paid for views on your video. There is no limit on youtube earning you can earn thousands or the millions of dollars from youtube. Lot of peoples are earning already you can be one of them so just create a youtube channel and start uploading your videos.
How it works?
Youtube serves ads on your videos and the revenue ads generate from your video youtube shares you a high percentage of that that earning. When you upload your video on youtube viewers come to watch out your video and when they open your video a video ad appears before your video then a small banner ad comes up this is how youtube earn from ads and gives you your share.
How to create youtube channel?
You need a gmail account to make youtube channel. Create a gmail account if you don’t have one already. After that go to youtube and click on sign in and log in using your gmail account, that’s it now you can start uploading your videos.

2. AdMob

If you can put little effort and want some serious work then AdMob can be proved a very useful platform for you. AdMob is a android applications monetization platform where you can monetize your android applications and can earn a handsome amount.

There are few simple things you need to know to earn from AdMob, Lets begin.

  1. Do little research on developing android applications if you give 1 week with dedication you will be able to develop a very good basic app for android.
  2. Once you know how to build application you can take it to google play store.
  3. To get your application monetize you need to signup for a AdMob account.
  4. Now you have a AdMob account you have a application you are ready to earn.
  5. Upload your app on google play store and apply AdMob on it.
  6. AdMob will serve ads on your application and you will start getting revenue for that, As much your application number of installs will be more that much your earnings will be more.


3. Blogging or website
Blogging or website is a very good idea to earn online. You can earn money online by creating a website or blog. Its long term but reliable it takes time but its output is more than the efforts you did and time you spent. A good blog earns a very handsome amount which always keeps growing.
How it works?
When you create a website or blog and users starts coming on your website or blog you can serve ads on it. There are lot of services where you can get ads for your website like Google Adsense. You get paid for the page views, impressions and clicks on ads your website.

How to get started?
To create a website or blog is not that much difficult as much it looks you can create your own website or blog by doing little effort. (“Although a website or blog is your own property you need put a little investment in start”)To get started you need to buy a domain name like www.yourwebsite.com which will cost you 10$ to 12$. Next thing you need to buy a hosting account where you will manage your website which will cost you 30$ to 40$.
Here is a demonstration to create a website watch the video below to see how you can create your own complete website or blog.

Click here to watch how to build complete website or blog

4. Article writing
Article writing is also good way to earn money online. If you cannot create your own website there are lot of website where you can post your article. What you have to do is too simple just write an article what you know you can write any topic and upload on the desired website.
How it works?
When you post your article on the website using your account website serves ads on it. What revenue website generates by serving ads on your content you gets a percentage of that revenue some of website gives less some gives more.
Here is the list of few revenue sharing websites.
1. Hubpages.com
2. Knoji.com
3. writertown.com
4. oondi.com
5. firehow.com
How to get started?
Just go to website and sign up and follow the guideline. Different websites have different interface but the formula of work is almost same it’s so simple and easy.

5. Freelancing
Freelancing is for those who have good grip on a specific or various categories of work related to computer. If you can do any computer related job like Websites, IT, Software, Designing, Media, Architecture, Writing content, Data entry etc. Then you can join freelancing network and earn money online by working on it.
How it works?
It’s very simple, when you sign up you can find projects related to your category and then you can bid on them. Lets say a person posted work he says I want logo for my company and my range is 20$ to 40$ and I need it in 2 to 4 days, you can bid for 25$ or 30$ and the time you need suppose you says 2 days, if you will get that project you need to complete and submit your work and you will get you earning.
How to get started?
Go to website fill up all the information required about you and sign up. Find the projects by categories provided on website and bid on your desired project. You will get notification as your bid will be accepted.
Below are the some of popular websites where you can work as freelancer.


  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. Fiverr.com

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