Easy way to SEO search engine optimization

Although SEO is a very long complicated and consistence process. But here I am going to give a very quick and easy way to SEO search engine optimization tips. By following these easy and quick process you can grow traffic very fast for your website and can get a high rank.

Below is the screenshot for my one of websites in where you can see how fast I grown traffic for my website. To make a big difference in your traffic make sure below points to be done for your website.

The first thing you have to do to make tracking resources ready for your web. So the work you are doing you can be sure that it is making a difference. So I will suggest you to add your website in google analytics and also you can install a plugin in your browser which can tell you SEO analysis for your website, in this regard I will suggest you to install “Quick SEO – PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool” in google chrome.

Once you are done by doing above steps now you can start working on SEO so you can track the progress.

Follow the below steps

  1. Add your website to google webmaster tools (google search console) and submit the site map into to it. Once you done you can move to other things. But one thing is to must remember that keep returning to the search console to check messages, warnings, errors and keep clearing them.
  2. Submit your website to Bing webmaster tools and submit sitemap here as well.
  3. Submit your website to website directories like scrubtheweb.com directoryworld.net somuch.com.
  4. Backlinks play’s a major role in SEO so this is a very impotent to create backlinks for your website. You should create dofollow and nofollow backlinks both equally. You can get dofollow and nofollow code from google and ad your website link in it and paste as per below ways. To create backlinks you can do these simple things.
    1. Give your website and post links in comments on third party website. Better to post links in related websites.
    2. Write short articles and post on free articles websites with your website links.
    3. Link your website with all social media website and get some followers and likes for them.
  5. Keep below points in mind while posting a post on your website.
    • Keep post tiles length long it should be more than 50 60 characters and add your tittle in tags,meta tags and keep the same as main keyword also.
    • Use the main tittle in first paragraph of your post.
    • Add the outbound links in your post means other websites links.
  6. Update your website consistently which is a good practice to keep maintain your website rank.

So this is how you can go through to Easy way to SEO search engine optimization. For any quires or confusion you can ask in comments, I will be glade to help.

“Easy way to SEO search engine optimization” By Irfan Malik.

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