First aid in case of heart attack or brain attack

This article is based on scientific and medical research and it will explain you actions to take as first aid in case of heart attack or brain attack. This article can be useful for everyone and even can save your loved ones or your life in case of sudden heart or brain attack! My article is about heart and brain attacks. But I’m not going to explain what is heart attack or brain attack that it’s already written in so many sources. This time I’m going to explain what sudden actions you should do in case of such emergency.
Unfortunately, heart and brain attacks can harm human healthiness in a very short time and even can be cause of his/her death.
Have you ever thought to be alone in the house and a heart attack happen to you?
Have you every though if nobody is with you and you don’t have time to reach to the hospital?
Or maybe your old parents are with you and suddenly heart or brain attack happen to them and you don’t know what to do?
As I had same experience in my life so I just want to give a useful information to handle this situation.

Heart Attack

Suppose you came home after a hard work day as usual! Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your chest that pulls to the arm and to your jaw. Although you know about the first aid training (CPR) but you don’t know how to apply it on yourself.
The person who has irregular heartbeat and began to feel faint, he/she has only 10 seconds to save himself/herself from loss of the consciousness. In this situation you can only help yourself by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. Before each cough you should take a very deep breath and your cough should be also deep and prolonged. Sequence of a breath and cough should be repeated each 2 seconds till you reach to hospital or your heart rate back to normal. Deep breaths take oxygen to the lungs and coughing movements make pressure on your heart and can be cause of continuation the blood circulating through it. This squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain the normal rhythm of heart rate. In this way, you can save your life or others till you reach to the hospital!

Brain Attack

Now let’s recognize the symptoms of the brain attack.
When you have doubt on someone that he/she has brain attack you can make a little test to be sure about it. Give three order to him/her and if she/he was unable to do one of or all of them your doubt can be true. Immediately you should take him/her to hospital.
1- Ask from him/her to smile! If one side of his/her face was out of sense and he/she couldn’t smile, it can be a sign of brain attack!
2- Ask from him/her to raise both hands! If he/she couldn’t raise one of the hands or couldn’t raise both hands equally, it can be a sign of brain attack!
3- Ask from him/her to repeat a simple sentence several times! If he/she had problem in reminding the words or expressing the words, it can be a sign of brain attack.
In this situation, if the patient was alert then help him/her to lay down so that his/her head and shoulders slightly be higher than the trunk and rely on something.
Bend him on the side of that he has lost the senses on that side and put a towel on his shoulder to absorb any secretion.
Take out the cloths which can make breathing hard like tie or buttons.
In any case, immediately take him to the hospital!


“First aid in case of heart attack or brain attack” By Nilo Malik.

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