Global Warming Impact On Earth 

Global warming  impact on Earth means that the rise of earth’s temperature from the start of 20th century. And its adverse effects on earth ecosystem. Scientific research shows that the most of the additional energy caused by global warming observed by oceans which resulted in significant rise of water levels in oceans.

The understanding of the global warming is increasing day by day. And  the most contributing factor for the creation of this phenomena. And due to human activities like increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane.

These greenhouse gases cause the greenhouse effect which is a process in which the gases absorb the infrared radiation thus causing the warming of the lower atmosphere of the earth. Due to burning of fossil fuels the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased not seen in previous thousands of age.

The side effects of global warming are increase in world temperature, melting of ice glaciers in arctic and Antarctic region, droughts, expansion of deserts areas, floods, and extinction of species, heavy rainfalls and heavy snowfalls. Side effects also include heat waves, extreme temperatures and threat to human food wildlife food sources.


These efforts are taken from world community to address the global phenomena. and most of the countries are member of United Nation Framework convention on climate change UNFCCC. The Member countries are agreed that global warming should be less then  2 degrees relative to  industrial levels. In order to achieve this level deep emission cuts are essential .


The global surface temperature has shown an increase of 85 degree Celsius between the years 1880 to 2012.

Sixteen of the seventeen on record warmest years have occurred since 2000. Due to excessive media campaign most of the people from different countries are concerned about the phenomena. And consider it a world threat. In 2015 month CO2 global radiations exceeded 440ppm probably the first time in millions of year’s earth history.

According to NASA most of CO2 emission from the fossil fuel  not absorbed by forest or the oceans and  remain in the earth for thousands of years.

Effects of global warming

The effects of global warming on human life has been observe throughout the globe. It has effected the production of important crops such as wheat and maize. In some regions the crop production has increased and  it has decreased bringing drought and shortage of food. It has also effected way of living of indigenous people like amazon forest and the North Pole. Less developed and Low altitude areas like Africa, Asia and Maldives face  greater risk due to global warming.

“Global Warming Impact On Earth” By Misbah Riaz.