Iran’s Mystery of History

History is a science, like all sciences and it has precise rules and formulas. Lack of attention to historical writings, will make fake stories, but an expert with simple analysis will find out that he can’t use those fake stories as resources or knowledge of history.
Iran has a great history, and Persian Empire had been ruling over the states today you can see in different name of countries but with the time things has changed, world saw big revolutions and changes in the world, it’s a long history, but in all this historians bring some of misconceptions and some of the very common misconceptions or the lies of the history are under discussion, Let’s have a look on Iran’s Mystery of History with interesting facts.


One of those lies is Alexander fake attack on Iran! The processors of Alexander’s story that made his story about six hundred years after his death, they never kept this in their mind that the first factor of the victory in wars are the number of warriors and weapons of war and experienced commanders in the war. We can’t say to the world what to write and what to not write! But at least we can check and research about the things are written in the history.

Alexander was a twenty years old poor and without experience from a poor land. So he could never stand and destroy the great empire of Iran. Burning the Persepolis by Alexander was another big lie in the history that made by Iran’s enemies. In fact Persepolis was never burnt. The writers who wrote about burning Persepolis didn’t have any knowledge about Persepolis and said that the palace was made by Cedar’s wood; but it’s not true coz the Persepolis made by strong stones and its totally rejected scientifically. Limestone, calcium carbonate that was the basic material in Persepolis building, under 1 atmospheric pressure, in the heat of 894 degrees with the 391 calories of heat, can burn and disintegrate. So with these facts about Persepolis’s materials any unskillful person can understand that burning Persepolis was just a fake story. Some burnt clothes, carpets and objects that found in Persepolis, are not belong to that period. All over the history and the last hundred years, rulers, tourists, nomads and shepherds were using that place and some of those stuffs are for them. Treasure hunters over time and especially Jewish colonization factors that were entering as historian to the Persepolis were some of the other reasons for the burnt stuffs in Persepolis.

Arab Attacks To Iran

This theory has been proved among scholars of ethnology that the cradle of all Semitic people is Arabian Peninsula!!! This lie is very similar to Aryan migration from north to Iran! Now they are saying about Arabs from the south!

Colonial liars says: “One of the promises of Islam for Arabs was that if they become victorious, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be theirs”. They continue: Muslim Arabs who were poor, were fighting with this hope that if they got the victory they will be lucky and if they lose and die will go to the heaven… So in this way Arab’s wars with Iran was mostly economical…

Fake And False Battles  

Another Iran’s Mystery of History is fake and false battles, these battles have written in historical books are derived from each other with little changes and are available in historical books.

Battle Hire: (… They didn’t have anything for defend except an old fence …):  In fact the geographical location of this battle was somewhere else!

Fathallah and battle chains: (… Iranian soldiers had been chained to not escape … ): What do they want to say with this lie? Where the chains were production and how they had locked?

Battle Ellis: (… He ordered that for several days and nights behead Iranians and make a blood stream …): Three lies in one sentence … First they showed Iranians like timid and second they showed Muslims as bloodthirsty and finally they are putting Iranians and Arabs face to face for colonial purposes. But in fact no victorious army does this with the enemy at first battles!

The liars are saying that: Yazdgerd told to Arab envoys: You are eating lizards and mice coz of poverty! But in fact this statement and kind of words are belong to bourgeoisie and colonial period of 500 years ago!

According to this research, we should not rely only on what historians say. Colonizers were always trying to bring confusion in the social development of Muslims! So in this way we should deal with them!

(Iran’s Mystery of History By Nilo Malik)