Islamic Way of Slaughter in Light of Science

Scientific findings, has proved the high quality and health index of the Islamic slaughter. Today I am here to explain purely Islamic Way of Slaughter in Light of Science.

The basic conditions for Islamic slaughter is saying Bismillah Allah o Akbar, facing the Qibla and cutting Gullet, Windpipe and both arterial and veins around the neck, with a sharp metal knife.

In Islamic slaughter, a quick cut is applying on the neck very fast and it cut all of the neck veins except spinal cord, so in this way bleeding will be so quick. Also in this situation the blood pressure will come down and the brain will have less blood and the animal will not feel any pain.

In Islamic slaughter the head is not cutting from the body completely till the animal dies. If the spinal cord is cut, the nerve fiber that goes to the heart will be damaged and heart will stop and the animal will die before bleeding finish. Thus, blood stasis will occur inside the veins. By the scientific aspects, after cutting the neck, the message of the cutting will go to brain quickly and the brain will send the nerve message from spinal canal to the heart.

The most important note is that in this way animal will not feel pain. Because the heart will work with the more pressure so that it can recover the lost pressure. So the more blood will come out from the body and the meat will be more clean and healthy.

Unlike to the opinion of animal rights organizations that this way is very painful. It have been proved that in this way the animal will not feel any pain. The fast moving of animal after slaughter is because of dilation and contraction of muscles. The alternative methods like electric shock, killing with gun, anesthesia with gas etc. is more painful for the animal and even can cause the mad cow. This problem has been reported by the German scientists and in some countries they became banned.

The anesthesia or electric shock will reduce the meat health and quality. The interest of non-Muslims in Islamic slughter shows that this method is healthier and the quality of the meat will be also saved.


“Islamic Way of Slaughter in Light of Science” By Nilo Malik