Top Benefits of Green tea

1: green tea is a very good source of losing weight especially abdominal fats. For quick result take 3 to 5 cups of green tea without adding sugar. You can squeeze a medium size of lemon in it and a spoon of honey. And drink before every food especially breakfast. Green tea is also helping to boost to metabolism rate. Which can help loosing fats quickly this is one of the Top Benefits of Green tea.

2: it’s also help us to control sugar level in the body. So it’s good news for sugar patient to control their sugar level.

3: green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients which has strong effects on the body. That is very helpful to improve brain function, and reduces risk of cancer.

4: green tea is also helping to kill bacteria and reducing the risk of infection in teeth and it can help to improve dental health.

5: One of Top Benefits of Green tea is also helping to reduce bad cholesterol level in the blood.

6: if we use regular green tea it’s also help you to reduce the high blood pressure level.

7: green tea is also helping us to skin care and also by using green tea we can reduce wrinkle spots dirt and sun damage skin. It’s also a good treatment of anti-ageing.

8: green tea can help to low risk of depression because it contains amino acid naturally which can help to give good thoughts to provide relaxing and peace.


How to make green tea?

There are different recipes that we can make green tea some of them are explained below.

  • Honey and green tea


Take a cup of water boil that water put 2 cardamoms and some green tea close the burner. And take that tea in a cup u can add brown sugar or honey if you want and take 3 times in a day after every meal.

2 take a cup of boil water add some green tea and squeeze a lemon in it and drink 3 to 5 times a day its very good to detoxing.


(By Misbah Riaz)

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