Trumps Immigration Policy for Muslims

Time has come for USA President Donald Trump to play on front foot. Finally he is going to sign the executive order of new Trumps immigration policy for Muslims. This time is going to be very hard for Muslims to be the resident of USA or get immigration. Especially these countries are in spotlight Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan. For these countries Trump going to put restrictions on some visa holder and for immigration and refugees. As this was the one of slogan for his presidential campaign and now the time has come that Trump fulfill his goals.

As the local leader of sanctuary cities had been refusing to handover illegal immigrants. Trumps management decided to do crackdown in all those cities and force illegal immigrants to leave the country. Donald Trump belief that illegal immigrants are a big threat to country and safety and security of USA.

Also Trump is stick on his decision to build a wall on Mexican border. As a number of illegal immigrants enters from Mexican border. After the orders of building wall on Mexico border. Donald trump said in his speech that this will help dismantle mafia, keeping illegal cash and weapons from flowing out of America and into Mexico.

Policies impact on other world

Now the question raises that how these policies effect the other world and particularly Muslim world as all over the world Muslim’s are very disappointed of trumps policies. America had been already very controversial country to the Muslims but they still expect better policies from USA toward Muslims.

This Is the time for trump and trumps management to think that all the decision are being made is really in favor of America. Although apparently all looks like well and good for USA but there are facts trumps management should look out into them. As it is important not only for America but the other world also.


“Trumps Immigration Policy for Muslims” By Irfan Malik.