World’s Most beautiful Capital

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful capital city surrounded with natural beauty not only the natural but it’s also a very developed city and famous for its development,beauty, attractiveness and is highly developed city and development can be seen in different angles. Islamabad is very well planned and well maintained and divided into different sectors and every sector has mini market schools parks colleges and Transport system. People are fully facilitated in every sector. Islamabad has very big and beautiful buildings shopping Malls.

Damin-e-koh and peer sohawa

This is a very famous viewing point and it is located in the middle of the margalla hills north of Islamabad. It is on the height of about 2400ft from sea level and the height from city is almost 500ft. It’s a popular destination for the visitors to the capital. It comes in the middle of the margala hills for tourists on their way to the higher view point Pir Sohawa and that is located at the top of Margalla Hills at an height of about 3600ft. the management of Islamabad made a plan to construct chairlift from damin-e-koh to pir sohawa.

There are a lot of wild naughty monkeys can be seen in winter around the road and trees. Cheetahs are often informed to incline from higher hills of Murree all through snowfall. From peer sohawa people can see whole Islamabad in there feet’s. It’s a wonderful place there are some restaurant for refreshment of visitor some people go there for hiking.


Lake view park

Lake view park runs under the capital development authority. It is located at Murree_Islamabad highway. This is a favorite picnic spot park for people of Islamabad Rawalpindi and other visitors as Well. This Park is constructed along Rawal Lake. The park is an amusement place od international standard. It has provided lovely installation like passengers train and buses, games and fun rides for children and elders. The park is very green there are a lot of flowers and trees is big bird century and a very nice view of rawal lake people can boating and swimming there.


Pakistan Monument Islamabad

Pakistan monument is one of the beautiful place in Islamabad situated beside Shaker Parian hills, It is the symbol of Pakistan’s 4 province and 3 territories, The beautiful structure and the sight of monument makes heart happy it is the place of beauty and peace, it’s one of the most favorite place of tourists.

“World’s Most beautiful Capital”